A Different Kind of Consulting

photograph by Ken Eakin, 2004

Facilitation – Coaching – Training Services

A different kind of consulting! Specializing in applying Lean in professional and administrative office work, Ken offers a sustainable approach to improvement that is about learning and growth– of individuals, teams, and the entire organization. By helping leaders see how to make the value-adding work at the frontlines less burdensome, Ken helps an organization build a culture where employees can and want to produce amazing results for customers every day. Improvement is not real improvement unless everyone wins: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the community.

Most traditional consulting is simply a quick fix, with nothing in it for frontline employees or other important stakeholders. This approach often results in “quick wins” and some local “efficiencies” (aka cost-savings), but it does not build-in the organizational capability to sustain the improvements over time. The improved results fade quickly, and the same problems return, creating a long-term cycle of dependency on outside consultants.

Break this cycle of dependency and set your organization on the path of sustainable growth and improvement instead. Learn how Ken’s extensive experience in helping office-based businesses, non-profits, and government agencies improve their processes and results can help you as well. Click here to send an email or visit the contact page for more options.