Office Lean: understanding lean when the work is digital

Scribbles by Janie Jaehyun Park 2019

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Struggling to understand how to apply Lean effectively in your complex office environment?

Contrary to popular opinion, Lean is not only for mass manufacturing or healthcare.  It applies just as much to the interconnected, digitized “knowledge work” industries such as financial services, software development and government.  It applies to all office functions like HR, IT, Finance and Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Corporate Services as well. But the fundamental Lean concepts, if taken straight from the factory floor, need a fair amount of translation to be effectively applied in cube farms.

Lean is not about following rigid rules, or simply eliminating “waste” in the name of “efficiency”.  Focused on the flow of value to customers, Lean is a dynamic, flexible, people-centric philosophy that delivers outstanding, transformative business results by improving employee engagement and customer value.

Lean Office vs. Lean Manufacturing: is there a difference? Read the latest white paper.

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