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Complexity, Pareto and COVID19

As a Lean advocate, I used to be a little skeptical about the notion of “complexity thinking”.  I thought it was just another new label on the same old bottle of wine.  I am already familiar with (and a big fan of) the writings of W. Edwards Deming, Russel Ackoff, Peter Senge, and Derek and Laura Cabrera, … Continue reading Complexity, Pareto and COVID19

Book Review: Irrational Institutions by Bob Emiliani

“A bad system will beat a good person every time”—W.E. Deming The best thing about Emiliani’s latest book is that it challenges you to think in uncomfortable ways.  Sure, most business books make you think a little, but often they simply validate your own point of view by articulating it in language better than your … Continue reading Book Review: Irrational Institutions by Bob Emiliani